Onyx Countertop Slabs
Onyx Countertop Slabs

Onyx Stone

Onyx is a natural stone, a finishing material with beautiful texture and color. It is often used for the luxurious interior decoration of apartments and houses. It is a moisture-resistant stone that is widely used due to its properties.

Due to its inability to adapt to harsh weather conditions, it is used for decorative elements inside the building. Its greatest decoration is that its structure allows the passage and splitting of light rays so that it looks perfect when illuminated. Therefore, often, before its installation, a frame with a light source is installed under the stone. This allows you to get a unique effect. Each of his plates has a unique grain arrangement.

The unique pattern of onyx, its magnificent shine, and its ability to transmit light allow you to create a unique interior that does not require additional decoration. Modern interior design with onyx is an opportunity to emphasize the natural beauty of this beautiful, noble, and warm stone with mysterious light and wonderful patterns. This stone will give special grace and originality to any room.

Onyx is a natural stone with a pronounced glass luster and an opaque gemstone structure. Onyx can be transparent, so it is often used to create beautiful wall panels, ceiling lamps, kitchen backsplashes, bar tops, small architectural forms, and waterfalls, and is used to decorate the room.

Onyx stone comes in a variety of colors, green, blue, white, yellow, and many others colors.