Marble Slabs

Marble is a type of rock commonly used in construction, interior design, and sculpture. Marble is formed as a metamorphic rock, commonly composed of calcite or dolomite, both carbonate minerals.

In construction, marble fits in with a range of designs, classic due to the amount of time it has been in use, and modern due to the clean lines. Marble blends well with wood, as well as many other stones and building materials to create an aesthetically pleasing exterior in any building. This material can be used in any climate when installed properly and the ability to be cut to precise measurements offer a very versatile construction material that will withstand the test of time. Worldwide buildings utilize marble; many ruins in Greece have marble alongside concrete, while newer buildings such as the Taj Majal display what can be accomplished with marble.

As an interior design element, they have a similar appeal as the construction element, blending with many materials and being highly durable. Marble is commonly used as countertops and flooring in both kitchens and bathrooms as well as on staircases. Many people who have mosaics behind their stove, or around their fireplace opt to use marble of varying classes and colors to create a varied yet similar effect, due to marble being a type of stone it is safe to use in elements of extreme temperature, though the color may vary slightly over time.

Caring for marble is simple, however, if you are trying to preserve beauty while extending its life you should observe a few guidelines. Firstly is to use coasters and trivets, both hot and moist can affect the appearance of marble, so protect your new surface accordingly. Dust mop, rather than sweep to clean up sand, dirt, and other abrasive materials that come inside on shoes and paws. These materials can scratch the marble causing it to wear much more quickly than it would otherwise. Rugs also help minimize this, be sure any vacuum near marble has a smooth undamaged underside and non-worn attachments as these can scratch the marble.

To clean your marble surface use a neutral cleaner, one designed for marble, or a mild dish-detergent mixed with warm water. Choose a soft rag to prevent scratching, and then rinse the surface well by changing the water multiple times. Your installer can give you tips on the best ways to care for your new installation to prolong the life and beauty of the marble.


White Marble Slabs
White Marble Slabs