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Best kitchen countertops Near Me in NYC

Best kitchen countertops Near Me in NYC


Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Before you choose to have a kitchen, there are a few things you should know about it. There is no one right choice, it all depends on what you need, how much you intend to maintain it, what your taste is in terms of design, and what your budget is. The first question to ask is how active the kitchen would be and that will help you determine which kitchen countertop is best for you.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite is very practical for a kitchen countertop, and in this respect surpasses any other stone. It has a low absorption capacity, so it does not tend to absorb stains. It is a stone with a very high density. Granite is not easily scratched and there is no problem cutting a salad with a knife. Is much less sensitive than Marble.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble is unique and it comes in an infinity of shades, but most of its shades are light or dark. It can be renewed by polishing once a year and restoring the shine that sometimes disappears due to improper maintenance, which includes the use of too strong detergents. A layer of sealer can be applied to it, which prevents liquids from penetrating it. The most popular white kitchen countertops are White Cararra, Statuary, and Calacatta Gold marble. It should be understood that marble by definition is a natural solid material formed in the depths of the earth in geological processes. It is generally very strong and resistant to extreme heat conditions.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

The most common synthetic type is Caesarstone . You also have Silestone, MSI Quartz, Quartz Master and many more.

The big advantage is the uniformity of the color and the huge selection of colors and shades. They are very durable for kitchen countertops

Quartzite Kitchen Countertops

The most popular today is natural quartzite. It has the look of marble but is more durable than marble. It comes in many colors but the most popular colors are white colors like Super White Quartzite, White Macaubus, and Taj Mahal which can be grey or beige. Maintaining a kitchen withquartzite countertop is easy, you can polish it like marble once a year to bring back its natural shine.

Does it matter if it is natural stone or quartz stone?

There are often surfaces that will suit you better than natural marble and will be less expensive.

Take for example the common example in New YorkQuartz stone. It is a synthetic surface that is manufactured in many countries around the world.

The first rule – adjust the surface for your daily needs

It should be understood that there are types of marble that will suit your needs and some that will not. While granite would be a great option when it comes to usability, a marble slab would be beautiful but too delicate.

Therefore, before you choose a kitchen countertop, think about what suits your need. If your kitchen is considered active, quartz stone and Granite can be great options while if your kitchen just needs to look beautiful and impressive, you can purchase onyx countertops that are perhaps the most beautiful but not really useful or white marble that is absolutely gorgeous but very sensitive to staining.

If you were wondering what is the difference between the different surfaces in daily use, the answer to this consists of several parts, the main ones being heat resistance, stain absorption, and strength. While the surfaces we mentioned as useful will pass all of these successfully, subsequent surfaces may fail one or more of these tests and therefore you must take these parameters into account.

Rule Two – Maintenance

In most cases, we do not want to mess too much with the countertop. It is therefore advisable to purchase a type that does not absorb stains and does not need periodic maintenance. There are some types of surfaces that look beautiful and very suitable but if you do not maintain them properly, they will lose their beauty. This is without a doubt another point that is well worth considering.

Rule Three – Trends and Fashion

Remember – having a kitchen or any other surface, do not replace it every year. Usually, the frequency of replacing the surfaces exceeds 10 years and what looks really nice today, may not suit you in a few years and if you consider replacing the countertop you may incur high expenses.

This is why when choosing a kitchen, you should focus on models that will be beautiful and match your personal taste but at the same time do not go captive to passing trends – what is more, they are sometimes expensive without justification.

Quartz Countertops Brooklyn

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Marble Countertops Brooklyn

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Granite Countertops Brooklyn

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Quartzite Countertops Brooklyn

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Natural Stone Slabs Selection

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Colors


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