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Custom Kitchens in NYC

Custom Kitchens in NYC

Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops NYC


New Yorkers when they hear the words “kitchen remodeling” everyone asks the same question, who would not love to get a lifestyle upgrade?

Many New Yorkers love the idea of kitchen remodeling and are willing to let their kitchen breathe new life into it.

We provide kitchen renovation service to customers in just three simple steps consulting, planning, and installation.

We fully understand our customer’s requirements and will try to offer highly practical solutions within the recommended budget.


Our kitchen renovation services in New York are managed by the project and are undoubtedly customer-focused.

Our professionals are experts when it comes to building custom kitchens to ensure the result of the best kitchen design which is exactly what our client wants.

We can design build and also assemble any kitchen for any budget in New York to meet your unique needs.

A custom kitchen is designed according to your needs and requirements, just the way you want it to be, which will be unique to you.

Our professionals will also be able to assemble for you any kitchen purchased anywhere else,


Simplicity and bright colors are the ultimate choices for any kitchen! Colors like light, pink, green, or white creams have always been acceptable and usable. However, if you are renovating in a modern style, you can definitely choose a uniform complementary color as punctuation, perhaps on a splashback


Kitchen design

One of the most common mistakes people make is designing the kitchen without any consideration for the spaces adjacent to the kitchen. Although the kitchen itself may look fantastic, if it is visually inconsistent with the rest of the house, it can end up looking like it does not really belong there.

At Stone and Top, we specialize in creating and installing exquisitely tailored kitchens that are both inexpensive and functional. Our gifted staff goes to great efforts to bring your ideal design to life, giving your project their undivided care and attention at every stage. They have access to a multitude of elegant modern and classic items as well as lovely accessories.



Stone countertops near Brooklyn New York

stone countertops near Brooklyn New York

stone countertops near Brooklyn New York

You can choose the Stone countertop according to your preferences and your budget. In a variety of choice materials including Marble. Granite, Quartzite, and Quartz stone. Stone countertops are hard, durable, easy to maintain, and provide a luxurious look. Besides, they give a natural feel and can become a statement item in your kitchen.

Custom Kitchens in New York City

Custom Kitchens in NYC

Custom Kitchens in NYC


Your kitchen was intended and built to be the center of your house. It is a functional, simple-to-use workspace and an enjoyable, inviting space. With our handmade, handcrafted, fitted kitchens, Stone and Top hope to achieve that. We have recently concentrated our efforts on the larger New York City market as more and more clients from the city have contacted us and requested that we design bespoke kitchens.

Working alongside the leading kitchen businesses in America, we have years of expertise in designing kitchens.

The hub of any home, and frequently the gathering place as well, is the kitchen. Your new kitchen must be designed, planned, and most importantly, created with care, attention, and experience.

The examination of space, light, and the client’s unique requirements typically comes first in kitchen design. No matter how basic, we accept all ideas, photographs, and sketches. This will enable us to determine which kitchen layout will suit you the most. Additionally, to help keep everyone involved in the project as stress-free as possible, we can recommend where your key services and appliances should be placed. From there, we can give you any electrical or plumbing drawings you might want.




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