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Kitchen Countertops in NYC

Kitchen Countertops in NYC

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If you are seeking to renew your countertop and have done a little research, you must have noticed that there are several materials available on the market. These different materials of course have different properties, textures, and above of all looks.

A major dilemma faced when trying to renew one’s countertop is actually this great variety of materials. One may not know where to start from and which one to choose. Luckily for you if you are one of them, there are trends in this milieu. These trending materials are considered the finest on many aspects, and that is why they are highly sought after.

Having said that, if you are in NYC and seek to give your kitchen a touch of luxury and elegance, read on because in this article, we are going to see the newest trends in kitchen countertops in NYC.

    WHITE MARBLE: White marble for ages now has been a symbol of luxury and elegance. It has been used in the most stunning Cathedrals in Italy and the same way it completely beautifies these Cathedrals, it can beautify your kitchen in a unique way as each slab in unique in veining, hues as well as coloring.

White marble countertops
White marble countertops

However, the thing here is, there are several types of white marble. And you can choose amongst this wide variety depending on what you need. Let’s then see the trending white marble types.

–      Calacatta: Calacatta has been widely known and used for as long as we can remember. But despite its anciency, its beauty still captivates people and is subject to a lot of admiration. To say more about it, it is a thick type of marble made up of white and golds or thick grey/black veining. Its bold veining being one of the features that differentiate it from other marble types who have lighter veining. It is a great choice because it is rare, unique, and mixes originality and elegance.

–      AREBESCATO: Arebescato white marble too is known for its elegance. However, though it is a type of white marble, it differs widely from the other types in terms of veining and shading. Meaning that it deviates from the original classic look. Therefore, one must choose according to his preferences and the idea he has of his ideal kitchen.


–      CARRARA: Carrara just as Calacatta is amongst the most valued types of white marble. Besides, it is quite popular as it was chosen by the famous Michelangelo for many of his spectacular works. The touch of elegance it brings is due to its extraordinary whiteness mixed with slight blue-grey hues. Above all, it is known for the softness of its veining and the very fine grain that has made it an excellent choice for ages.


–      STATUARY:Statuary marble is known as the marble with the purest of whites. Therefore, it will be an ideal option for those that have a preference for white and purity. Needless to say, each piece is unique. However, we must note that Statuary is actually a type of Carrara but obviously, there are some differences and due to them, each will give a different look to your kitchen.

Carrara marble countertops Carrara marble countertops
Calcutta marble countertops Calcutta marble countertops

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