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Marble Stone NYC

Marble Stone NYC

Marble Stone New York City

The marble kitchen countertop in NYC offers exceptional purity and depth. Marble is a classic natural stone, very popular in restaurant kitchens. The marble is timeless, and the most popular is without a doubt the White Carrera marble. This is a reasonably priced and beautiful marble. A lot of our New York City clients love the White Statuary and Calacatta Gold Marble for their kitchen countertops.

Marble” represents limestone or lime carbon with a granular fracture, which is particularly hard and solid, difficult to cut, and must be polished. Marbles have been a subject of a flourishing industry since ancient times.

It is important to note that the marble countertops can scratch, or stain with regular use in the kitchen countertop. Some customers ask us to have their kitchen counter or bathroom sealed; They must then accept the aging and weathering of the marble to enjoy its spectacular appearance.

Application of the sealant is necessary to ensure resistance to greasy materials and stains. Maintaining a marble surface requires a neutral pH product and re-sealing to refresh the surface and give it better protection.

Some white marbles are particularly hard and have a lower absorption rate. They are therefore more suitable for a kitchen counter, but they still require regular and professional sealing to preserve your investment. If you believe marble is not for you, choose an engineered stone that looks like marble.

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