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What Kitchen countertops are in style

What Kitchen Countertops are in Style?

Top Trends For Kitchen Countertop Design In NYC

NYC is a town known for its style and luxury. Who says luxury says trending, in style? These trends can be noticed right down to things such as kitchen countertops. Kitchen countertops are not that insignificant, as they can change the look of your kitchen from ordinary to amazing. Useless to reiterate that, the choice of countertop material plays a huge role in the final look of the kitchen hence, should be chosen with care.


In order to help you get the best-looking kitchen countertops, in order to get the kitchen of your dreams, here are the trends in kitchen countertops in NYC, what is in style, because money is not an issue;

Marble brings a touch of luxury and style when used as a kitchen countertop; it offers a great look through its unique veining that varies from one slab to another. There exist a variety of white marble. Amongst these different types of marble, these are the trending ones;

Calacatta white marble still has great success with its classy and elegant look. More knowledge about white Calacatta marble: it is a thick type of marble made up of white and gold or thick grey/black veining. Its bold veining distinguishes it from other marble types that have lighter veining. People of high financial standing chose white marble as Calacatta Gold and white marble statuary white marble. Calacatta white marble is rare, so it will probably trend for a while because it mixes originality and elegance.

Arebescato is another type of marble it is elegant. Even though it is white marble, it is distinguished by its shade and veining. So people chose according to their preferences.

Carrara marble is one of the most valued types of white marble. It is popular because great artists like Michelangelo used it for some of his most impressive sculptures. It has an extraordinary whiteness that accounts for its elegance sometimes mixed with faint blue shades. Most importantly, the softness of its veining and the very fine grain that has made it a top choice for centuries.

Granite is greatly used as kitchen countertops. The crystalline structure appears like lightning and it had various shades. It is one of the best choices. Granite is a combination of so many rock types that’s why distinct features and a speckled appearance.

Quartzite has the elegance looks of marble and it is a little more durable. Quartzite is created when sandstone is heated and compressed underground by tectonic forces. It has a grey-white color but its colorful shade varies with its metal content. Because of all these qualities, quartzite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops. Today they come in many different colors and variations.

White quartz is also very popular in today’s market. It has the look of marble but the highest rating in durability. There are so many quartz companies today, so for sure you will find one that suits your kitchen.

White carrara marble countertops in Brooklyn NY White carrara marble countertops in Brooklyn NY
White calacatta marble countertops in Brooklyn NY White calacatta marble countertops in Brooklyn NY
White Marble Countertops Brooklyn NY White Marble Countertops Brooklyn NY

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